The Nigeria Strongest Man Federation in partnership with Nigeria Olympic Committee proudly present Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah Strongest Man Grand Prix that will be taking place in 6 states of the Federation

  • 1st leg in Abuja tagged, Hurricane.

  •  2nd  leg in Lagos State tagged, Earthquake.

  • 3rd leg in Cross Rivers State tagged Tsunami.

  • 4th leg in Akwa-Ibom State tagged, Rain Storm.

  • 5th leg Rivers State tagged, Thunder.

  • 6th and final leg tagged, Total Challenge in Abia State.

18 different events, these include: Farmer's Walk, Truck Pull, Tyre Flip and many more during each leg athletes will be acquiring points up to the finals to become the winner of the Grand Prix.

  1. 1. Power Stairs 2. Loading Race 3. Squat 4. Atlas Stone 5.Tyre Flip 6. Farmer's Walk 7. Truck Pull 8. Yoke 9. Dead Lift. The rest 11 are on event days..

  2. The event of Strongest Man is a blend of the very best of suspense, comedy and drama, athleticism  performance at every venue.

  3. The event is open to all MALE AND FEMALE from ACROSS THE WORLD whereby all athletes both local and international can compete.

  4. Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah Grand Prix will be unique because of the fusion of the very best in the entertainment industry. Every stage of the event will have a  performance spiced up with suspense, thrill and mind blowing comedy and interval music. This will ensure that all areas of youth and adult interests are being taken care off.

  5. IUGP will be financed through sponsorship solely, which will determine all other logistic imperatives as input from  Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah.

  6. IUGPmaiden edition date is subject to final confirmation, it will be a 6 weeks long affair due to adequate logistics available.