Welcome to Nigeria Strongest Man Federation

NIGERIA STRONGEST MAN FEDERATION was formed after the World Governing body of the sport visited Nigeria. After the board resolution the body gave SRHD SPORTS MANAGEMENT LIMITED a company registered in Nigeria the right to form a Federation.

The highly successful team of SRHD SPORTS MANAGEMENT LIMITED are committed to service and delivery in all spheres of sporting/entertainment environment through the endorsement of Nigeria Senate Committee on Sports and recognition by Nigerian Olympic Committee (NOC) and National Sports Commission (NSC) whom has made this dream a reality for the Nigerian Youth and the Country at large for this New Federation to become a reality.

In view of the growing revitalization of age group sporting activities in Nigeria complimenting a vibrant entertainment industry, we have taken the next step that will only bring the best to the Nigerian audience. After a careful research on improving the Sports and entertainment polity in Nigeria, we ventured into the extreme Sports arena (which has been Nigeria’s challenging sport) spiced up with full complement of entertainment such as comedy, drama, suspense amongst others.